Westward Holdings Professional Advisors Tokyo Japan on Business Funding

Westward Holdings’ Business Funding Department is staffed by widely-experienced professionals who have long and intensive exposure in dealing with corporate finance during their years of business consultancy involvement.

We offer companies with help in fine-tuning future financial requirements, business strategies and also impart management counseling to assist corporate capital sourcing. We can provide realistic and relevant assistance to practically all kinds of corporate finance plan, whether it requires:

  • Corporate Expansion

  • Corporate Acquisitions

  • Management Buy-Out/In

  • Business Sales

  • Organizational Restructuring

Westward Holdings has observed the principle of focusing our services to benefit a particular corporate clientele and, as a result, most of our customers manage interests with productive results.

This covers the small family-owned enterprises up to sub-companies of huge multinational corporations. Funding arranged can therefore vary significantly for a small to medium refinance of a management buyout or an acquisition.

Westward Holdings has an extensive network of lenders which allows us the use of a vast source of innovative and dynamic plans that we employ into majority of our industry deals.

Our experience has proven that, more often than not, firms either encounter mismatched lenders or the loan package acquired does not provide enough leeway to address their needs.

Hence, we strive to seek to refinance the current facility with the collaboration of the client and the lender. Based on the requirements of the client firm and, naturally, with the agreement of the current lender, we will seek to refinance all of the remaining debts.

Once a company experiences a drastic fall, we collaborate with insolvency experts or receivers in order to seek capital source which satisfies any provisions of an ongoing contract.

Usually, clients depend on Westward Holdings to undertake the determination and preparation of initial steps toward potential business acquisition prospects. In such cases, we conduct the necessary moves to finance such an acquisition.

Westward Holdings also assists in Management Buy Outs, leading in a proactive advisory process in favor of the potential management group over the entire transaction period.

Our part within such procedures is essential and crucial. By doing strict due diligence in planning, and providing appropriate knowhow, Westward Holdings conducts liaison work with vendor, legal representatives, funder(s) and other related entities for the MBO team, assuring a proper resolution of all issues from the start to the signing of the contract agreement.

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What Westward Holdings Professional Advisors Tokyo Japan Is?

At Westward Holdings, our mission is to continually go beyond our clients’ expectations by improving their life by offering them excellent financial services. Our singular commitment to all our clients, whether an individual or a company, is provide them with honest, reliable and professional service backed up by many years of experience.

Westward Holdings stay alert and focused on building fresh opportunities and methods of aiding our clients. Constantly, we project the future needs of our clients by assuming their situation as our very own. Hence, through empathetic planning we produce realistic approaches and attain significant results.

Westward Holdings offer our corporate clients the excellent professional investment advice derived from many high-profile transactions creative and pioneering ventures, aiding to fine-tune operations, enhance profitability and to plan out acquisitions or mergers to move their companies to a higher phase of development.

Are you an individual seeking to secure your financial future? Or are you a small or medium-sized company with large capital needs? Our service will address the challenges within the circumstances that serve as the arena within which we will improve your opportunities for personal or corporate growth.

Compared to other companies who try to please everyone, we limit our clientele and operate only within the boundaries of our capabilities. Westward Holdings have established and maintained a network of relevant associate professionals beyond our company scope to further augment the service we provide for our clients.

tag : westward holdings professional advisors tokyo japan

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